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Patrick Kohlmann
Teen Ambassador STOMP Out Bullying™

Patrick.jpgPatrick Brian Kohlmann was a junior at the College of Charleston. Sadly and tragically, we lost Patrick in October, 2015.

Patrick knew first-hand about being bullied. His nightmare began in middle school in West Islip, NY when he was pushed down the stairs, thrown into lockers and called names. The last straw was when his bully threatened to kill him. Patrick suffered a concussion, and not only did no one at his school do anything to help him, the school district accused him of lying, saying he was never bullied.

Patrick believed that the more kids who knew about bullying, the better and that’s why he started a grassroots campaign called “Through My Eyes” to keep kids from going through what he went through. Through his video, TV appearances and speaking at conventions, Patrick got the word out about anti-bullying.

His passion was and is in heaven to stop bullying. Patrick mentored other kids who have been bullied and often spoke to bullied victims who came to STOMP Out Bullying for help. He was a strong teen spokesperson at school and in the media for STOMP Out Bullying.

Anyone who knew Patrick was blessed beyond. He was a shining light in every life he touched! He believed in giving everyone (even those he didn't know) FREE HUGS. If he saw someone who needed help, Patrick was the first one to help them and perform an act of kindness. Patrick Brian Kohlmann is sorely missed by everyone who knew him.

We hope you'll reach out and continue Patrick's shining light -- giving free hugs to all and performing acts of kindness in his memory! Please "Pay It Forward" in his memory!

His YouTube video has already saved the life of another teen.