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STOMP Out Bullying Ambassador

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We welcome our ambassador, KIND the blue and orange elephant who leads the global kindness movement! KIND will be delivering kindness to schools, communities, public events and social media around the world.

#whereiskind today?  If you see the kindhearted ambassador, share it with friends and followers and help us create more kindness in our world.  


KIND's Projects

There are so many ways that you can introduce a little bit of KIND into everyday! Here are some Activities & Assignments to help get you started whether it’s at home, at school, or in your community. Remember, the only limits to the ways in which you could spread kindness throughout the world is your imagination! Once you’ve completed these assignments, try to come up with Activities & Assignments of your own, all of us here at STOMP Out Bullying would love to hear about them!

Activities & Projects

Kind Journal
Create a journal for the month of October. Set a goal to have one act of kindness for each day throughout the month and write about it. At the end of the month write about the ones that were most meaningful to you and what you learned through the experience.

Pay Kindness Forward Challenge
Start a schoolwide challenge to pay kindness forward throughout the school, with a random student picked in each classroom to start a chain-reaction of generosity and compassion that spreads kindness from student to student throughout the day with the goal of having each student taking part.

A Weekend Of Kindness Each Month
Choose a weekend each month and make that the weekend that you devote to acts of kindness. There are so many acts of kindness ... from opening a door for someone who is laden down with packages, helping an elderly person cross the street, giving someone who needs a compliment kind words, doing something nice for a classmate --- to name a few.

By devoting one weekend a month to kindness, you will learn what it truly means to be kind, and the reward is such a fantastic feeling!

Where Will “KIND” Go Next
Share a photo of your school or a landmark in your town with us on our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter using the hashtag of #whereiskind, and just maybe, Kind will find a way to show up in the snapshot.

Poster Assignment
Design a poster with “KIND” that will inspire everyone who sees it to be more compassionate and kinder to one another.

Kind Essay
Write about a time when someone had inspired you by showing kindness. Why is kindness important and in what ways do you try to be kind every day?

Drawing Kind
Send us your drawings of “KIND” spreading kindness around the world and we will feature our favorites in “KIND’S” Photo Album. If “KIND”  had a sibling, what would they look like?

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