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Statement from STOMPOut Bullying
November 11, 2016  
RE: Shacara McLaurin

Today STOMP Out Bullying was informed about an incident at a protest last night in New York where a former teen ambassador to the organization was taken into custody. 

We have received requests to remove Shacara McLaurin from being an ambassador for our organization, however she has not been with our organization for over 3 years.

We do not know the complete details as to what transpired, so we will not be making any comment about it. 

As an organization who has spent more than 11 years advocating for kindness in the world, we can say that we do not condone any kind of violence, harassment or bullying.  No matter who you are, what you look like, your beliefs, your sexual orientation, your age, your race; we are all the same and we should treat each other with respect and be unified.  

Ross Ellis
Founder and CEO