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  • Mandy

    I want to stop bullying because I have seen what it has done and how hard it is for others. My best friend and I are doing something to stop it though. Thanks to this website, our house master approved it now that we are the leaders of an after school program and it will be starting in a few weeks. We are only freshmen yet we have the heart and soul to help other people!! This will stop one day and I'm gonna be a part of that! Read more »
  • Brittany

    I want to stomp out bullying because from second grade till I was in ninth grade this Girl bullied me so bad we had to change my phone number five times and change schools. She called me mean names, told lies to get me beat up and and in trouble in school. In fifth grade her mom was killed and it got worse. Her brothers and sisters that were 20-23 yrs old were picking on me then in about eighth grade when i thought i couldnt take it anymore her dad was killed and for three months i really thought she would kill me for all the pain she was enduring. Finally when I moved and switched schools it stopped. I would see here around town but a couple years later she has three kids and gets beaten daily by her boyfriend. She told me she was sorry because she now knows how i felt. An I dont want anybody to go thru what i went thru. I had no friends beacuse they didnt want to go thru this too!! Read more »
  • Tamera

    I want bullying to stop at all levels, it must start at home! Parents must pay attention to their children, schools must put a stop to it at once! Bus drivers need to pay more attention, or at least have two adults on the bus so the drive to and from school is safe. My daughter has been bullied at school and via "My Space" - she ended up in the hospital, she is fine now and perhaps stronger from the experience. Kids, please remember, these bullies are cowards, THEY are the weak ones, NOT you!!! Read more »
  • Tiffany

    Bullying should be stopped. I've been bullied myself and I know a few of my friends have been as well, both in person and through the internet. Most of it took place my freshman year in high school, but some of it was my junior year, when this guy posted a blog on MySpace about my friends and I. Bullying is wrong and it's not cool. You have to tell someone, whether it's you being bullied, your friends, or even just someone in the hallway. It has to be stopped before something really bad happens. Read more »