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  • Spencer

    Hello.I've never really discussed this with anyone other then family. I started my senior year in high school last year and I wouldn't call it amazing everyone would curse me out and say how ugly I was and sometimes my bully became physical. I wasn't scared but it still hurt so one day I finally said something. I told one of the girls you might be pretty but you have an ugly heart and you are only doing this because you are insecure and don't want anyone to notice bad things about you. So you say bad things about me and other people so the bad attention goes on me and everyone else.Put yourself in our shoes because I presume that you wouldn't like it so that's why you are doing it. Stop just stop! Ever since then we have been very good friends. I'm finishing up my first year of college and everything's so marvelous. So it's ok! Don't hurt yourselves because someone else has problems with themselves and you don't need compliments because that means they really don't like you and when you get insulted that means their jealous so. It's ok! I love you all! Spencer Read more »
  • Miranda

    I'd be lying if I said bullying doesn't suck because it does. I spent most of my freshman year being bullied and having kids threatening to beat me. It got so bad, that there were days where I didn't want to go to school because of the bullying. Eventually, though, I got tired of living my life in fear because of them. Yes, it took several times of going to people and telling them what was going on, but it finally stopped. Advice for people getting bullied now; I now it seems like there's nowhere to go, I know what it's like thinking you have no one to back you up. It does get better, trust me! It may seem dark and gloomy now, but keep your chin up and everything will work out! Read more »
  • Nicole

    When I was a little girl I moved a lot. I moved all over Ohio.I got bullied everywhere I went.I told someone they didn't do anything about it.My next step was to tell my mom so I did.She went to the school they still didn't do anything.I got told I didn't belong here.I got names like Bitch and Slut and a Whore.But I am not any of them.I got into Drugs and Cutting I carved HATE LIFE in my leg.I have never really had friends but once I came to my new school I found some friends.This school don't accept bulling.But I have been bullied here because of my shoes.I told someone and they told them to stop but they haven't.I fell like a failure everybody treats me different.To this day I still cut and do drugs.I AM GOING TO LEAVE WITH THIS "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER" BYE Read more »
  • Ashley

    I grew up in a house with young parents and no money. Both turned to bad things. I changed schools a lot. I grew up depressed and lonely. I started surrounding myself around a small group of friends. Middle school came around, and those friendships broke off. I got bullied a lot for wearing sweatshirts from the bruises I was being given on a daily basis. Obviously no one knew. I didn't belong at home, but I didn't belong at school. I was always so sad, and didn't want to live anymore. High school came around and it got no better, until Junior year. I got a job, worked out a lot, and focused hard in school because that was always something I was good at along with raising my little brother. MY mom was eventually diagnosed with cancer, and that got hard. Relationships fell apart, and it was hard to trust people. I'm doing better now. Still working on who I am, but being bullied didn't stop me. Don't give up. Whatever you do... DON'T LET THEM WIN! Fight. Be you. In the end, it's your life. Live it right. Prove the ones that doubt you wrong. You're worth more than you may think. Read more »
  • Eden

    Bullying has affected me since I was a little kid. Name calling, teasing, I've heard it all. I decided -- ENOUGH. I will not let it get to me. So happy I found Stomp Out Bullying who has given me a new perspective on how to handle the bullying. I used information from their web site and applied it to my bullies. Guess what? I'm not being bullied anymore. I am here to tell you that you can Stomp Out Bullying Too!! Read more »