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  • Jaszmin deFreitas

    To all of you that have been bullied I want to say I'm sorry. I was that girl that bullied others without thinking twice about how I made others feel. Over ten years later I still remember some of the people I tormented and truly regret my actions. I was part of the stereotypical "mean girl" group. Despite what others may have believed I had absolutely no confidence in myself. I believed the only way for me to fit in was to be cruel to others. I made a lot of mistakes. I don't even speak with all the people I tried to impress back then. My actions were based on my lack of confidence. The people I bullied were good people that never deserved what they went through. All of you being bullied today do not deserve it either. Remember that the people doing this to you may be doing what they do because they don't have the strength to say they won't participate. The people I picked on were stronger individuals then I was. They were able to endure it all and still succeed in life. Where as I didn't even have the strength to tell my "friends" that I thought our actions were wrong. To all of you being bullied today remember that you are the strong ones. You have far more inner strength than those picking on you. As a former bully I promise you that. Read more »
  • Eden

    Bullying has affected me since I was a little kid. Name calling, teasing, I've heard it all. I decided -- ENOUGH. I will not let it get to me. So happy I found Stomp Out Bullying who has given me a new perspective on how to handle the bullying. I used information from their web site and applied it to my bullies. Guess what? I'm not being bullied anymore. I am here to tell you that you can Stomp Out Bullying Too!! Read more »
  • Dilyn (also known as Cherryline)

    Me being transgender I tend to get bullied. When I was younger i went to a talent show. It was back when I was still a female. I sung in the show. Some kids loved it, like my best friend who is now my GF. I sung very well for that age. But after the show most of the kids teased me for my "cursed voice." My Girlfriend who I will name Lilly (not real name) helped me though those tough years. If you are being bullied or you see it. You know what to do. I'm glad I'm alive.

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  • Hayley

    As a sixth grader I was a bully. Beating people up saying mean things to everyone. Then I changed. I saw a girl in the bathroom cutting herself because of something I said. I knew then it had to stop. After that the rules got reversed. Everyone started bullying me and they still are 4 years later. I have been a cutter for three years and very suicidal. I am getting better but its still hard. I don't want anyone getting beaten up, called names, have rumors spread about them or be cyberbullied like I am. Every one needs to take a stand because its not right at all. Read more »
  • Molly

    Beginning around the time of 6th and into 7th grade I began to experience what it's like to be bullied by those you thought were your friends. I was harassed in class, while presenting projects, while teachers that were supposed to be there to protect me simply stood by and said nothing. Things escalated from there to the point where an actual hate channel was created on YouTube so that people who hated me could have a place to convene and talk trash on me. They took one of my videos that I had posted as a fun way to goof off, which I had deleted before I even knew they had gotten it, and included the caption: "I watch this every morning and thank God that he did not curse me with what he cursed this girl." To see all of the comments broke my heart and broke my spirit. They were treating me like nothing, so that's how I began to feel. Like nothing. To this day I am so grateful for my amazing parents and the rest of my support system that somehow got me out of that environment and put everything that they had into building me up again from the floor where these kids had so carelessly put me. When I tried to report this horrible crime, I actually had the police officer assigned to me tell me that maybe I was bullied because I did something to deserve it. To this day I am not sure that PA has a legitimate law in place to protect kids like me, but either way I have made it my life purpose to get the information out there and to make everyone aware of this hidden horror. So parents please remember to educate your children and build them up, and kids don't get mad at your parents for checking up on you. They can help you if you let them. I hope my story will someday help make sure that no child, teen, or young adult will ever have to go through the pain that I did. That being said, I would not be the strong woman that I am if I had not been crushed only to be built up by those who truly love me.

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