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  • Tiffany

    Bullying should be stopped. I've been bullied myself and I know a few of my friends have been as well, both in person and through the internet. Most of it took place my freshman year in high school, but some of it was my junior year, when this guy posted a blog on MySpace about my friends and I. Bullying is wrong and it's not cool. You have to tell someone, whether it's you being bullied, your friends, or even just someone in the hallway. It has to be stopped before something really bad happens. Read more »
  • Sophia

    I want to stomp out bulling because I see a lot of my friends get bullied and I get it too. It just gets on my nerves how someone is able to hurt someone just to feel good. I want the bulling to stop because it is just plain horrible. Now that we have Facebook and cell phones and all that, it makes it a lot worse because now the people can hide on Facebook. I have been hurt for too long now and I want it to end. But I always go in with my head held high. LETS STOP BULLYING! Read more »
  • Trinda

    Back in the 7th grade, I was bullied the popular kids called me things like "stupid" and "retard" because of my autism, every time I told them to stop they'd call me worse names, one time a girl in my class went up to me and said "no one likes you" for no reason! I remember another time a boy threw rocks at me, I tried telling the teacher about but they never did anything about it, I used to come home crying because of the bullying and I didn't have very few friends. I'm older now and I want to tell anyone else who's. Been bullied to keep your head up high, bullies are people who want to make you feel bad to make. Themselves feel good you're prefect just the way you are and no one has the right to make you feel horrible about yourself, to anyone who is a bully I want you to stop it's not cool or funny to be mean to other people some of the things you say can really hurt someone. Read more »
  • Maya

    When I was in 7th grade, I was bullied by people who were my best friends for 3 years. They would comment upon how I had my hair done that day, they would spread rumors about me, they called cuss words to my face, they would gossip about me to everyone. It got to the point where I just wanted to disappear. I wanted to leave the school I was attending. I wanted them to just go away, never talk about me, or call me names ever again. Sadly, it didn't work out that way. It got worse, worse than you can imagine. It started to follow me home. When I would check social media, something would be there for me to see. I became depressed, but I finally had enough. I reported them to my school's principal and things got much better 😉. I found some new friends and honestly, I don't care what anybody thinks of me. IF YOU'RE A BULLY, THINK ABOUT THE VICTIMS FEELINGS, AND IF YOUR A VICTIM, HANG IN THERE BECAUSE THINGS WILL GET BETTER!!!! Read more »
  • Mallory

    I work at a school where bullying has become a MAJOR issue. In every school, in every grade, there is always the socially awkward child that doesn't really fit in. That child is always the one that gets targeted and it is sad to watch it happen and try to prevent it by disciplining the student doing the bullying. But then another child starts in and soon it's completely out of control! I'm going to start STOMP out bullying at my school and make sure that all of the children realize just how bad it is. This website is helping me achieve my goal to completely STOMP out bullying...and I give my word that I will not stop! Read more »