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I maybe an adult now but I was a child in school once too. I am really pale with freckles and if that wasn't enough my mother is gay. Plus we moved a lot so I was generally the new kid. All of this, needless to say, was quite a lot of ammo for bullies. However when growing up I didn't get comforted or have resources taught to me to help deal with bullying. Thankfully today is different. I'm a mother of a child with disabilities, cerebral palsy. She is six years old and in first grade. She dreams of bring a dancer in music videos, loves Doctor Who, Korean culture, and wants to adopt six girls when she grows up. And while I think she is just amazing and fun, people around her that don't know her don't know this. They see a little girl with leg braces and in a walker. Children are sometimes scared of the walker and afraid to approach her. They ask insensitive questions. Adults, while not as rude generally don't always help, they fear what she can't do or that she could induce liability if she were injured. I just wanted to share and spread the word. Alienation is a form of bullying. It hurts the person/child in this case and it hurts the parent/me when I have to hear that my happy fun loveable crazy girl feels alone. Thank you, STOMP out bullying for everything you do. I believe change will only be achieved through education, awareness, and understanding. Thank you again.

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