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Jaszmin deFreitas

To all of you that have been bullied I want to say I'm sorry. I was that girl that bullied others without thinking twice about how I made others feel. Over ten years later I still remember some of the people I tormented and truly regret my actions. I was part of the stereotypical "mean girl" group. Despite what others may have believed I had absolutely no confidence in myself. I believed the only way for me to fit in was to be cruel to others. I made a lot of mistakes. I don't even speak with all the people I tried to impress back then. My actions were based on my lack of confidence. The people I bullied were good people that never deserved what they went through. All of you being bullied today do not deserve it either. Remember that the people doing this to you may be doing what they do because they don't have the strength to say they won't participate. The people I picked on were stronger individuals then I was. They were able to endure it all and still succeed in life. Where as I didn't even have the strength to tell my "friends" that I thought our actions were wrong. To all of you being bullied today remember that you are the strong ones. You have far more inner strength than those picking on you. As a former bully I promise you that.

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