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When I was a little girl I moved a lot. I moved all over Ohio.I got bullied everywhere I went.I told someone they didn't do anything about it.My next step was to tell my mom so I did.She went to the school they still didn't do anything.I got told I didn't belong here.I got names like Bitch and Slut and a Whore.But I am not any of them.I got into Drugs and Cutting I carved HATE LIFE in my leg.I have never really had friends but once I came to my new school I found some friends.This school don't accept bulling.But I have been bullied here because of my shoes.I told someone and they told them to stop but they haven't.I fell like a failure everybody treats me different.To this day I still cut and do drugs.I AM GOING TO LEAVE WITH THIS "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY IT'S COVER" BYE

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