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My Story - Bjammers11

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Added by Jamie in STOMP Out Bullying


This is NOT a suicide video. This is my story.
Read Here..
Everybody has a story and this is mine. Last year I was being bullied. Everyone had this thing called a formspring. Its where you adk people questions. So just like everyone else, I made one. Everyday, there would be another mean comment. All of these things made me go into a depression. I lost many friends. Someone told the school about me. The school talked to me and made me tell my mom. Somehow the police got involved. I had to go to therapy.. & thats where my depression got bad. 3 People told me that I should just die. & I thoughted to believe it. I tried to hang myself last year. The rope broke. My mom found my suicide note & gave it to my therapist. I was very close to having to to into a mental hospital. People found out and I was bullied for cutting. I was scared to go to school. Today, I still get bullied. I don't know why everyone hates me. & at points, I hate me too. A good man on December 6h commited suicide or getting bullied. Noone should want to kill themselves for what other people say about them. Think before you say something to someone. You might think its funny but honestly, its not even close. How would you feel if the person you were bullying, killed themselves because of you. I hope you would feel pretty damn bad. Don't judge someone on what you hear, Once you live a miniute in my shoes, then you can judge me. Everyone has a right to be here, don't make them think they don't. And remember, your never alone,

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  • Rachel Banned Added Yo are so beautiful and strong. This is an amazing video and I'm glad you're okay
  • Christina Banned Added after having 2 really bad breakups,both ended up being abusive relationships. Your video helped me see that there are good people in the world, and hopefully, I will learn to trust again. Just being able to relate to a nice person like you on the bullying/feeling like nobody likes me issue has probably saved my life. So thank you. And kudos for sharing your story, that takes guts. :)
  • Christina Banned Added Jamie-you are a strong, beautiful person. You are SO not slutty, fat,or any of those other names those people called you. Don't ever hate yourself or give up on yourself because a couple of jerks have nothing better to do than say untrue things to try and be sadistic and bring others down. Your video was awesome! It really helped me, as I've been bullied, most recently for struggling with anorexia
  • toni young Banned Added i loved your story it was touching