Neya - STOMP Out Bullying


I've recently lost my cousin who was more like a little brother to bullying for being gay. He was only 15. Isn't that too young to end your life? Our family feels we didn't do much to hear his cries. Even though he was so full of life.. We never saw it coming but that's what you call "Hiding Pain" ... why? He had a host of friends and family who loved him and always listened. I think bullying is awful and unreasonable. Suicide makes it even worse because its just like someone pushing you off a cliff, you can't help but fall when someone pushes you. I never had bullying hit so close to home and stand in front of my door. I've always been against bullying especially after the great documentry on Netflix. I just want the person who's reading this that is facing bullying to run to the closest person to you or even a book and talk/and or write every piece of mind you have. You are loved by the man above and the person INSIDE YOU!
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