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my name is Sarah
my last name Jane
im a little quirky
and im a little pain
i have no style im a little mess
and you'll never see me in a fancy dress
some days im a flapper
the next im a hippie
don't make fun of me just because im not picky
life is all about changing your feathers
in the rain or stormy weather
i am an odd one i don't fit in
im not here to lose and im not here to win
i just go with the flow
im sarah ya know
i don't keep up with the status quo
it just a test for social royalty
and they treat others like low priorities
making them hurt and stress
look my name up cuz im ur princess
so calling all the misfits
come one come all
lets have a party
lets have a freak ball
don't want no snobs in my kingdom
better check cuz ur manner is dumb
my paupers, my princes
and my Jesus my King
yeah im a christian
its like my thing!
that's who i am
that's who ill be
don't be mad just cuz u cant see
that i wont stand for your sass
if u troll out ill handle u with class
take it or leave it
that's who i iz(really?)
close me out if u cant handle this biz
so don't be sailing in de-nail
u know u want to look at my profile

haha that was fun lol

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