willUstand Anti-Bullying Crowdsourced Music Video - JOIN IN! - http://www.willUstand.com

willUstand Anti-Bullying Crowdsourced Music Video - JOIN IN! - http://www.willUstand.com


willUstand believes that bystanders can make a difference and that when someone stands for another, they gift hope. Our mission is to spread this message of unity through music.

We will be creating a crowdsourced music video for Stand, the anti-bullying anthem and would like to invite all of YOU to participate. You can listen to STAND here: http://charleigh.bandcamp.com Over the next few weeks, we will collect short (5-20 second) user submitted video clips that portray and promote two themes.

1. I will Stand (Film yourself portraying three words)
2. One Voice Unafraid (find a creative way to symbolize being one voice unafraid)
3. Join together and Stand (This theme is for groups. Get your sports team, school, friends together and film a short clip that portrays standing together such as a flash mob, a wave, a group wearing a same color, etc.)

To be included in the STAND music video mashup, submit a short video clip to the following URL: http://www.willustand.com/video.html that visually captures one of the two themes mentioned above. If you would like to submit an image, please email us at willustand.media@gmail.com. If you don't have a YouTube account, you can email your clip directly to us.

Please join our movement by taking a stand for others. Pass it on...

The deadline for submission is October 31, 2012.

STOMP Out Bullying
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