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My whole life I was being bullied for being fat and ugly. It wasn't til 7th grade that I actually started fitting in. I used to always pray to God that I would one day be popular. Well I got what I wished for and I would do anything to be the loser again. If being a loser meant having true friends then I would want that back. Now that I am popular, girls harrass me because I'm pretty, I lost weight, and I get the guys. And sometimes their boyfriends leave them for me. I'm now being bullied because people are jealous. It was so bad I got threatening text messages, girls would wait outside my classrooms for me, they would confront me in the halls, write mean things by my name in the classrooms - you name it. There were 10 of them and 1 of me. So I told the adults. But they didnt help me. I was still being harassed. I refused to go to school. I wouldn't leave my room, or eat. I had nightmares that they were beating me up. I was going into a depression and was being watched for bullycide. In the end my school wasn't helping me, I didnt want to get my friends involved cause they would have gotten in trouble; So I transferred schools. I lost a lot of friends. I was forced to leave a district that I was going to my whole life. I'm terrified to leave my house, and had almost taken my life. See bullying isn't right. Its a serious matter that should be paid way more attention to. So I want to get people aware of the situation. I'm gonna start my new school a different person. I want kids to know that they aren't alone and that not only losers get picked on, the so called popular ones do too and it hurts all just the same!

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